To be a tvp IT supplier

Autus TVP IT provider

As a professional TVP intermediary and consultant, Autus understands how important partnership is. We need to have a solid and quality IT service or solution provider list to survive in the competitive market.

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Why should I be a TVP supplier?

  • Autus has plenty of clients in need of IT service and solution. You will be listed in our vendor matching service.
  • Our clients are all qualified and seeking for the most suitable service.
  • All our clients are screened to assess for a successful TVP application. Our IT partners face less risk.

How to be a TVP supplier?

  1. Contact Autus Consultancy
    Call: +852 2129 0104
  2. Basic understanding the supplier
  3. One-to-one business visit
  4. Vetting by Autus management
  5. Become a TVP supplier

TVP supplier delisting

Even though Autus assess every application to achieve long term partnership with very strict standard, situation varies time by time and therefore we will review the TVP supplier list every 6 months. Autus will study the client satisfaction during the final report and record any complaint. If a supplier gets sufficient complaints, offences seriously or breaks business ethic, Autus will delist the supplier and put it in the blacklist. At the same time, we will notify our decision in the TVP consultancy and intermediary peers. 


Temperature monitoring system

To monitor the temperature in an inventory, food storage or cold house to guarantee the quality of goods.

RFID control system

To realize the Internet of Things (IoT) with RFID technology, more effective asset and logistic control.

Building Information Modelling, BIM

The BIM can provide necessary information for construction decision making and avoids mistakes significantly.

Partnership with IT service and solution provider

Besides being Autus TVP supplier, our TVP enterprise solution is also your good choice. If you stack TVP application document of your clients, we are your partner.

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