BUD/TVP successful stories

Successful stories of Autus Consultancy

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Ad Media Producer

Mr C is the director of an ad media production company and learnt that the requirement was broadened in Sep 2018. He applied TVP for his 3- month old company. The application was too complex and confusing for him, and Mr C gave up the application finally. Mr C reached Autus Consultancy on the Internet in Feb 2019, and we helped him to plan a CRM system to manage the relation with his 200-strong clients. The application was approved in Jun 2019.

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Exhibition organizer

An exhibition organizer planned to develop their own online platform. They attempted to apply for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) by themselves at the very beginning. However, it was hard for them as the procedure was complex and difficult to get sufficient vendor quotation. Even they attended many TVP talks, nothing can be done. Autus consultants explained every detail including the TVP application requirement, the scope of the project and the business strategy to the client.

Finally the client completed the project in 9 months and got the sponsor of $180,000 from the Hong Kong Government. The client felt so satisfied and started their BUD application with Autus Consultancy

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Logistic and Packaing enterprise

A logistic and packaging company planned to develop an online system for their clients to trace the order. As the cost was around $300,000, they decided to get the support from the TVP office. The professional consultant of Autus noticed that the business was cross-border and had a detail meeting. Autus had to make sure everything alright with the TVP policy. As the ERP was not popular in Hong Kong, thanks to our broad IT network, the client could reach several appropriate vendors

The logistic client completed the entire project in 8 months and got $200,000 subsidy from the TVP. Their client was happy with the new online platform.

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3-branch Chinese restaurant

In Feb 2018, Autus Consultancy helped a restaurant to apply TVP for a POS system, official website system and an ordering mobile app. Before the improvement, there were lots of mistakes in ordering and waiters always got plenty of complaints. The restaurant applied TVP on their own but found the procedure extremely tedious. It was also very difficult to find sufficient quotations. After 5 months of struggling, they found Autus by referral and consolidated the documents. In Feb 2019, the client obtained the funding of more than HK$300,000 and planned to apply for BUD Mainland Programme with Autus Consultancy. 

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Printing factory

The client was a printing company established in 90s. Though printing was a really old industry, the leader believed that something could be done further. He planned to broaden the business in China. Autus Consultancy assisted the client to apply for Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales BUD Fund. The client was free from dozens of application pages but only understood the main principle. We submitted the application on time before the quarterly deadline. This was a successful BUD application again.

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Glasses retail chain store

A second generation of glasses shop boss liked to revamp the internal system for the 5-branch business. The main goal was to improve sales efficiency and inventory system. However, as the old system was not compatible with the new technology, there was potential security vulnerability. After the professional consultation, Autus advised him to equip with a cloud-based POS integrated with an online shop. This helped an easier one-stop customer management. The young boss planned to establish 2 new branches in 2019 and striked for Southeast Asian market with BUD ASEAN Programme.

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