FAQ in TVP application

Frequently Asked Questions in TVP

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Is it really difficult to apply for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)? It is actually simple once you have a professional consultant and all required document.

Q: Is a new company eligible for TVP?

A: The requirement of one-year establishment has been cancelled. However,in order to show the substantive operation, we advise to have at least 3 months of business record for application.

Q: Can I use TVP funding to pay rent, salary or marketing fee?

A: No. TVP is not for regular expenditure. Moreover, branding and marketing is not under the scope of TVP. The TVP fund is applicable for technology enhancement. For instance, website, mobile app, CRM, ERP, and etc.

Q: What is the requirement of the project?

A: Eligible enterprises can apply 4 times at most. There should be no overlapped processing and the TVP office advises applicants to complete a project within 12 months.

Q: What is the standard of the Commission?

A: Once the Innovation and Technology Commission receives the application, the Commission will access the eligibility. The standard includes project relevance, reasonable budget and proposal, and the bad record of vendors if any.

Q: If my company is under other government funding, Can I still apply for TVP?

A: You can’t apply for more than one fund simultaneously. We advise you to apply one by one.

Q: Is there any deadline?

A: No. Application is accepted throughout the year.

Q: Can I apply TVP on my own? Why should I hire a TVP consultant?

A: All enterprises can apply TVP on their own. A TVP consultant can provide all necessary advice in proposal drafting, document preparation and therefore shorten the expected application time.

Q: I can't find 3 quotations because the technology is proprietary or unique. What can I do?

A: The applicant must show strong evidence that the technology is irreplaceable and necessary.

Q: Can I choose a better but more expensive quotation?

A: The policy principle adopts “Lowest bid wins”. The applicant must show the necessity of the choice with strong evidence. The ITC has the right of final decision.

Q: Can I apply TVP for a multi-staged project?

A: In general, we advise to apply TVP for the entire project.

Q: Is it eligible for TVP if the business operates over the border?

A: Any Hong Kong enterprise eligible for TVP, no matter where the business operates, can apply for the funding.

Q: Does the TVP fund cover necessary system equipment?

A: The TVP fund can cover all equipment which already proved to be crucial and enhancing. Please notice that the ITC has the right of final decision. For example, a POS system could include the software, queuing machine and terminal.

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