BUD Mainland programme

BUD Fund Mainland

BUD Fund Mainland: HKD 4 million

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Good news

From 9th April, 2020, the $ 2,000,000 ceiling of both programmes is cancelled. An eligible enterprise can be granted at most $ 4,000,000 from the Mainland Programme.

From 20th January, 2020, the BUD Fund Mainland Programm will grant up to $ 2,000,000 to successful applicants. At most 75% of the granted fund will be provided at project kick-off without the applicant’s fund or individual bank account.

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BUD Fund Mainland Programme

To help Hong Kong enterprises capture the opportunities, the Hong Kong SAR Government set up a “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestics Sales” (the BUD Fund) of $1 billion in June 2012. To help SMEs, including start-ups, grasp economic opportunities and boost their competitiveness, the 2018-19 Budget proposed to extend the geographical scope of the BUD Fund to include the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets by launching the “ASEAN Programme”, and to increase the cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise for projects involving the Mainland China Market (the “Mainland Programme”).

Eligibility of BUD Fund Mainland

All non-listed enterprises registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration
Ordinance (Chapter 310) with substantive business operations in Hong Kong are
eligible to apply

Required documents for BUD Fund Mainland

1.Soft copy (in MS word format) of the completed application form (either in English or Chinese)

2.1 hard copy of application form with signature and company chop

3.Supporting documents of the applicant:

- Copy of the Business Registration Certificate

- Copy of documentary evidence showing the personal details of the key owners/ shareholders (e.g. Annual Return of the Companies Registry (Form AR1) etc)

- Copy documentary evidence proving that the applicant has substantive business operations in Hong Kong

- Copy of documentary evidence proving the direct investment relationship between the applicant and its Mainland entity

Maximum projects for each enterprise

Funding is provided to enterprises on a matching basis with cumulative funding ceiling of $1 million for a maximum of 10 projects.

From 20th January, 2020, the programme enhances to the cumulative funding ceiling of $2 million for a maximum of 20 projects

From 9th April, 2020, the Mainland Programme and the FTA Programme have a joint ceiling of $4 million.

Source: HKPC (https://www.bud.hkpc.org/)

Maximum funding for each project

The funding ceiling per project is $1 million.

Source: HKPC (https://www.bud.hkpc.org/)

Application procedure of the BUD Fund

  • Application submission
  • Vetting
  • Implementation of approved project
  • Progress report & Audit report
  • Project completion
  • Final report & final audit submission

Scope of the BUD Fund

  • Brand design
  • Web design
  • Marketing
  • New employment
  • New machine and molding
  • Social media marketing
  • Exhibition and promotion

BUD Fund useful link

BUD Application Guide (https://fta.bud.hkpc.org/sites/default/files/download/FTA-Guide-to-Application-EN.pdf)